Audronė Boutique is a clothing company, focused on personal, individual and unique orders;

Audronė Bunikienė, the designer, has been helping women to feel confident and elegant since 1985.


Being interested in fashion and art from my early years, I have finished art studies and established my own clothing company. I have worked with personal styling ever since.

Audrone Boutique became popular among elegant, stylish and confident women for whom creating clothes always been and is a passion of my life.

Audronė Bunikienė


We are making individual orders in various sizes, according to any preferences you have. It is also possible to order your clothes in your size from the collections or buy the available ones.



I am sure that Audronė is responsible for a huge part of my success, good mood and confidence. Classic, elegant and feminine forms, undeniable structure and super skillful quality… such clothing becomes as a second skin and then you just have to concentrate on your goals, daily tasks or calm evening. The versatility of Audrone’s designs is what differentiates her as a designer. They fit from the morning to the evening. In case after work you need to go straight to a party, they eliminate your obstacles. So, “Audronė” raided my wardrobe and it seems that by accident but rightfully conquered it.

Laura Andriukaitienė, President of European Society of Microscope Dentistry.
While things are done with love, they shine. The clothes created by Audronė spread the love even after many years after making. The secret of Audronė is her love for her designs she makes.
Audronė’s clothes have kept me company to every most important meeting when representing Lithuania. During Nato ministers’ meetings, women were always quietly asking where I have bought such a beautiful suit? I always proudly answered that it is Lithuanian. It is own Audronė.

Rasa Juknevičienė, Member of Lithuanian Parliament, ex-minister of National Defense.